Dexspan Extruded Aluminum Deck and Dock Framing Systems


Answers to “better-built decking” questions

1. What is DexSpan™?

DexSpan™ is a high-performance extruded aluminum modular framing system that is revolutionizing the deck framing industry. DexSpan™ will enhance the short- and long-term performance of virtually any decking and railing system and will provide architects the ultimate freedom of design and versatility.

2. Who is DexSpan™?

Custom builders, engineers and aluminum fabricators with the resources necessary to bring a state-of-the-art decking solution to the industry, developed DexSpan™. Our goal is to provide a unique system that meets and exceeds the vision of building the ultimate deck. Our team has successfully designed, engineered, fabricated and installed millions of square feet of custom aluminum products over the last 30 years.

3. Why should I choose DexSpan™?

To achieve high-quality design while enhancing the long-term performance of your deck or dock.

4. What are the best applications for DexSpan™?

Deck and dock frame applications that desire design versatility and flexibility while enhancing premium deck and rail products.

5. Can I install DexSpan™ myself?

Yes, DexSpan™ is easily installed, although we do recommend that a licensed professional install DexSpan™ to ensure installation of all decking components consistent with local building codes.

6. How much more does DexSpan™ cost than traditional framing?

Cost will vary depending on a number of design requirements. A variety of components have been developed to accommodate projects both small and large. Get your deck quoted today.

7. Why do I want to pay more for DexSpan™?

The initial cost of DexSpan™ is offset by savings of installation costs and minimized maintenance and replacement needs. DexSpan™ delivers the ideal of cost of ownership for the life of your deck.

8. How are the costs for DexSpan™ recovered?

Cost are immediately offset due to the minimal amount of time it takes to install the DexSpan™ frame and the decking and railing system. Long-term cost savings are also realized as DexSpan™ components rarely, if ever, need to be re-finished or replaced due to issues and failures normally found with traditional pressure-treated framing.

9. How does DexSpan™ come to me?

DexSpan™ comes to you crated with all components pre-cut, mitered, punched, fit and pre-assembled for fast and easy installation.

10. Can I get DexSpan™ differently so I can assemble myself?

We can provide pre-cut, mitered, punched components for assembly to qualified contractors.

11. What kind of decking systems will DexSpan™ accommodate?

DexSpan™ will accommodate virtually any decking system on the market.

12. Will DexSpan™ accommodate wood?

Yes, a variety of wood decking products can be used with DexSpan™.

13. How about PVC?

Yes, PVC decking can be used with DexSpan™.

14. How about other systems like stone, Silca?

Yes, grates such as Silca can be incorporated to perfectly support stone deck surface.

15. How do I lay out my piers for DexSpan™?

The DexSpan™ frame can be assembled and temporarily set in place to precisely layout the piers.

16. How do I attach my DexSpan™ system to an existing structure?

The perimeter DexSpan™ frame can be pre-punched so the assembly can be attached to the structure. One featured benefit is that these anchors will be concealed when installation is complete.

17. What are my options on post support systems?

Options include wood or aluminum in either nominal 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 sizes.

18. How are the corners and post supports assembled?

The post supports and corners are factory cut, punched and fit so field assembly is easily completed with the use of a screwdriver and socket set.

19. What rail systems can DexSpan™ accommodate

DexSpan™ accepts virtually any and all railing systems.

20. How do the supports for railing systems get attached?

The rail posts are easily and quickly secured to support brackets that are mounted to the side and corner walls of the DexSpan™ frame. Properly secured, these posts are rigid and secure.

21. How do Slide-and-Hide™ concealed deck clips work?

The patented DexSpan™ joists are extruded with a continuous slotted raceway that accepts the Slide-and-Hide™ clip. The clip easily slides in the slot and sets into the grooved side of the deck board to secure it in place. A single screw easily secures the Slide-and-Hide™ clip to the joist without the need to pre-drill or tap the joist.

22. Can my deck boards be laid in a perimeter pattern?

Yes, we can pre-assemble the joist sections to achieve a variety of deck board designs and patterns.